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Palm on the beach, Dominican republic_edited.jpg
Asset 2.png
Asset 1_2x.png
Asset 3_2x.png
Asset 11_2x.png
Asset 21_2x.png
Asset 23_2x.png
Asset 22_2x.png

These designs are what I dreamed up for placement on beach gear and for the decor on boats or yachts. 

I think these patterns would look great next to tanned skin and they up on the colors of the ocean,the seaweed, corals, and seashells. I imagined these patterns on backpacks, swimsuits, beach towels, surfboards, beach umbrellas, and the upholstery cushions where people lounge on the deck of a sailboat. I created the vector backpack mockups myself.


Hi, I'm Caroline, a North Carolina based freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer.  My illustrations and patterns can be found on various products like home goods, office and desk items, fabric, stationary, art prints, and more.

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